All of This Is Us on a platter

There was certainly no shortage of cake being served at Uniting Church venues and gatherings last year.

That much was made clear as the immediate past President Stuart McMillan and six moderators took the stage to report on 40th anniversary celebrations of Union that took place last year under the banner of “All of This is Us”.

Mr McMillan said his year began, appropriately enough, with a party - the Yurora NCYC gathering of young people in January.

In the lead up to the Union anniversary date, Mr McMillan gathered in Melbourne with all the other moderators to engage in 40 hours of prayer.

He held two President’s National Ministers Conferences over the year with the one in Darwin having a strong representation from the Uniting Aboriginal and Islander Christian Congress.

Assembly sent out posters and artwork nationally to mark the importance of the Church’s covenant relationship with Congress.

The moderators all took a turn to talk about how their respective Synods celebrated that anniversary, with most having video or slide presentations where cakes were a recurring motif.

At the conclusion of the presentations, Mr McMillan moved that Assembly show its appreciation for all those who had worked on National Reference Committees and Working Groups.

This was approved by consensus and a minute of appreciation.