Uniting Church Adult Fellowship

The Uniting Church Adult Fellowship Committee is a National Committee in association with the Assembly to promote the work of adult fellowship groups.

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National Projects


Do you want to make a real difference to the lives of people too often sidelined or forgotten by the privileged in their community? Here are two ways you can help. UCAF is encouraging financial support for two particular projects for the period 2018-20.

A UnitingWorld project

Among the several projects being run by UnitingWorld is this one:

Women in Ministry: Scholarships for theological training for Women of the Pacific nations.
You can help empower women, too often abused by the men in their society, by enabling them to become teachers in their churches and thus to work for a just and fair treatment of women.

Frontier Services

The work of Bush Chaplains has always been and remains the “core business” of Frontier Services. Unknown to most city people, not really noticed even by lots of rural people, Bush Chaplains provide a vital source of pastoral care and support for well being across remote Australia. Your support for Bush Chaplains directly aids the mental and psychological health of people in remote Australia.

National Newsletter

Click here for our latest national newsletter, including information about the national get-together scheduled for February 2020.

National Events


The triennial National Consultation (business meeting) is scheduled for Jan 31st to Feb 3rd next year, in Adelaide. Each Synod UCAF group elects its representatives to attend. The programme, and a draft of the revised Working Procedures, will be available soon.


Did you ever go to NCYC? If not as participant, then as a leader or assistant? Well, how would you like to attend “NCYC for adults”? That’s one description of UCAF National Celebration – news about Frontier Services and UnitingWorld, worship and Bible study, electives, and of course catching up with friends from across Australia from 3-6 February 2021, in Adelaide.

Click here to see a registration form.

Our world is a different place from what it was just a few months ago. Of course, we cannot know what the situation will be next February, but planning continues for these national events: it has to. We have to make the preparations and be ready, in the hope that the events can proceed.

Things are changing internally as well

Until now UCAF has been organised around each Synod (state) committee taking its turn as National Committee. We are now in the process of changing to a representative national committee, with reps from each synod and elected key leaders. It’s going to be one of the main items at the National Consultation. Stay tuned!!