51 Regulations – Pastors

That the Assembly resolve:

To request the Standing Committee, on the advice of the Legal Reference Committee, to amend the following Regulations relating to pastors:

  • Amend the start of Regulations 2.3.3(c) to read ‘A Synod body designation by the Synod, or the National Executive of Congress in the case of members of Congress, shall have responsibility…”
  • Amend the start of Regulation 2.4.3(b) to read ‘The Presbytery, (or the Congress MEB in the case of members of Congress, or the Synod…’
  • Amend the start of Regulation 2.4.3(c) to read ‘The Presbytery that has oversight of the Pastor, (or the Congress MEB together with the regional committee in the case of Congress members, or the Synod…’


Garry Dronfield


Dianne Torrens


This proposal builds on the rationale for proposal 50. It is proposing that the MEB and National Executive should have authority to make decisions in relation to Pastors.