44 Appreciation – Kisoo Jang (장기수)(MCCM NRC)

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its appreciation for the contribution of Kisoo Jang (장기수) as Chairperson of the Multi/Cross Cultural Ministry National Reference Committee from 2015–2018.

Kisoo, in his leadership of this Assembly Committee, brought to the role graciousness, faithfulness, deep spirituality and a broad experience of and commitment to the life and witness of the national UCA as a multicultural church.

As part of this role, and in his work beyond this committee, Kisoo has contributed his understanding and insights into both the UCA and Korean culture and spirituality, and the significance of life and church membership within the cultural diversity of multicultural and multifaith Australia. In so doing he has contributed greatly in developing new forms of cross-cultural education and ministry.

In the past three years when the church has been discussing important issues including Treaty and Sovereignty, Marriage Equality, Climate Change and the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse, Kisoo was able to listen carefully to diverse viewpoints and lead culturally diverse communities with grace and respect. He has been able to bridge and hold different views as a living and practical example of an inclusive church.

Kisoo’s leadership and commitment to the life of the Uniting Church has been valued highly by members of the committee and the wider church. His ability to form and hold strong relationships among the members of the committee and stakeholders beyond the committee has led to strong and valuable insights for the Church and collaboration with other councils of the Church.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer