43 Appreciation – Ian Price (Formation, Education and Discipleship)

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its gratefulness for the faithful work of Ian Price, who has served as Convenor and Chairperson of the Assembly Formation, Education and Discipleship Working Group (FED) since its inception in late 2013. Ian’s tenure with FED continues his long–standing commitment to the task of providing formation and educational resources and training and leadership development for the Church, which has been seen in his roles with the NSW-ACT Synod Board of Education, the Mission Resourcing Network in the UCA in SA, and MediaCom Education Inc.

Ian played a significant role in implementing the national priorities for lifelong Christian education established by the Standing Committee in 2013. He has been an excellent Chairperson, enabling the business of the Working Group to proceed smoothly, yet continually focussing the Group on the big picture of resourcing the life of discipleship within the Church. Ian’s passion for the unique charism of the Uniting Church and his commitment to the foundational principles of the Church have shaped the ways in which the Working Group has approached its brief.

One aspect of the Working Group’s Terms of Reference has been to serve as a source of advice to the National Director Formation, Education and Discipleship. Ian as Chairperson of the Working Group was often involved in consultation and providing support and encouragement. His practical wisdom and his extensive ministry experience have been a great gift to the Working Group, as well as to the wider Church through Presbytery/Synod involvements as well as membership of the Assembly Standing Committee. The Assembly wishes at this time to record its gratefulness and thanks for Ian’s significant contribution through the FED Working Group, and to wish him well in his continuing ministry within the Church.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer