42 Appreciation – Graham Vawser (Worship Working Group)

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its gratitude for the faithful work of Graham Vawser, who has served as Convenor of the National Assembly Working Group on Worship for the past triennium. This term as Convenor of the Working Group caps a long connection and commitment with the liturgical life of the Uniting Church. As well as earning numerous academic awards focussed on liturgy and preaching, Graham has faithfully used his learning to serve the Church in the practical resourcing of worship across the Church. Graham was a member of the Assembly Commission on Liturgy from 1984 until 1991, and part of the team who prepared the original Uniting in Worship book. Graham also convened the Working Group on the Marriage Service. With the relocation of the current Working Group on Worship from Queensland to South Australia, Graham took on the role of Convenor and has served the Working Group well for what has turned out to be its final period of establishment.

During the past triennium, Graham has led the Working Group on Worship in a focus on resourcing the worship of the Uniting Church more broadly, with a particular focus on web-based resources and a recognition of the wide variety of worship styles used across the Church. Graham’s leadership has always been one which encouraged and enabled members of the Working Group to contribute their specific gifts and their personal energy to the work of the group, and as a result the group has given birth to a number of helpful resources including an expanding resource of short biographies of the Christian women and men included in the UCA Calendar of Commemorations, a collection of liturgical resources in languages other than English, a number of helpful guidelines for worship and a variety of video resources.

In the development of the variety of written resources which have come from the Working Group, as well as in the planning and execution of significant events such as the Transforming Worship Conference and local and national Songwrite gatherings, Graham’s deep knowledge of liturgy, and his careful editorial eye have been invaluable assets for the Working Group. His warm enthusiasm and wide experience related to the worship life of the Church have been a gift to the Church over many years, and most especially as Convenor of the Working Group on Worship, and we wish to record our gratefulness and thanks.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer