Assembly Resourcing Unit

39     Appreciation: Alistair Macrae

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its appreciation for the contribution of Alistair Macrae AO as Convenor of the Working Group on Doctrine from 2012–2018.

Currently Alistair serves as the Minister at Wesley Uniting Church in Melbourne. He was President of the Uniting Church from 2009–2012, during which he was instrumental in the formation of Preamble, and the UCA partnership with the China Christian Council. Between 2004 and 2009, he served as the Executive Director of the Centre for Theology and Ministry in Melbourne. He was Moderator of the Victoria and Tasmania Synod from 2000–2003. Before that he served in rural, regional and inner city congregational placements in Bright, Portland, and Brunswick.

Alistair Macrae has been the convenor of the Doctrine Working Group for the past two trienniums. He has brought a range of gifts to the role, especially his passion for theology and his skills for collaboration.

Under his leadership the Working Group developed a strong sense of community enabling the members to work together well over a sustained period. Alistair was particularly diligent in ensuring that all members of the Group could make their contribution. He brought a knowledge of and sensitivity to, the diversity of the Church and its multicultural nature and has guided the Group through diverse tasks and challenging work in the life of the Uniting Church. Alistair’s deep sense that doctrine matters to faith and that it has a vital role in the life of the church has been important in his leadership. He has shown an unswerving commitment to the work given to the Group despite his own significant health challenges.

In 2017 Alistair’s contribution for distinguished service to the Uniting Church in Australia through executive and ministerial roles at state and national levels, and to the promotion of ecumenism, interfaith dialogue and reconciliation was recognised by the Australian Government through the awarding of Officer, in the Order of Australia.

We thank Alistair for his exceptional contribution to the Church through his leadership of the Doctrine Working Group.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer