Assembly Resourcing Unit

38     Appreciation: Kaye Roberts-Thomson

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its appreciation for the contribution of Kaye Roberts-Thomson as Chairperson of the Education for Ministry Working Group from 2015–2018.

Kaye is the foundation chairperson of the Education for Ministry Working Group and has not only been responsible for leading the Working Group in fulfilling its responsibilities but has also overseen the establishment of a new Working Group with new responsibilities and with new relationships within the UCA, particularly with Synods and their Ministry Education Boards (MEBs). This has been at a time when major changes have been occurring in organisations and their educational and missional activities across the Church. The work of the Education for Ministry Working Group and its chairperson has thus required a good understanding of the UCA and its vision, culture and processes and the ability to work collaboratively with the diverse priorities and needs across the Synods.

Under Kaye's leadership the Education for Ministry Working Group has:

  • completed very successfully a major review of Phase 2 Formation Standards and is working effectively with MEBs and Colleges to implement these;
  • completed a major review of standards and competencies for Pastor and Lay Preacher and established networks to support their implementation;
  • revised the annual MEB reporting process to effectively focus on UCA priorities;
  • reintroduced the review cycle of MEBs and Colleges and recommenced reviews;
  • led a National Collaboration in Theological Education Project; and
  • commenced the review of Phase 3 and 4 Standards and processes and supervision standards.

Kaye has proven outstanding in her role and has brought great energy, Christian vision and skill to chairing and leading as well as an openness to the diversity of the Uniting Church.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer