Assembly Resourcing Unit

37     Appreciation: John Evans

That the Assembly resolve:

To record its appreciation for the contribution of John Evans as Chairperson of the Assembly Admission of Ministers Committee from 2015–2018.

John has been the chairperson of the Committee since its reconstitution as the Admission of Ministers Committee in 2012. Prior to that he served on the former Assembly Reception of Ministers Committee. He led the review of the reception of ministers process that resulted in the formation of the Assembly Admission of Ministers Committee.

John has brought an extensive and wide experience of the Church. He has served in four synods, with congregational and various other appointments, including being the General Secretary of the Western Australian Synod and, most recently, the minister of Church of All Nations in Melbourne. John has led the work of this Committee diligently and faithfully throughout his term. His wisdom and leadership has been appreciated by many across the life of the UCA and in particular, the members of the Committee.

In recent years, Uniting Church has been blessed by a wide range of ministers who have served in other denominations and partner churches. It also presents some challenges to work with multiple processes both internal and external to the UCA structure, and John’s precise knowledge of the Regulations has been a gift to the Committee, resolving many complex issues.

We are truly blessed by John’s commitment to this important work of the National Assembly. On behalf of many ministers, who have been received into the UCA, we want to express our gratitude to him, and the whole Committee, for such a life-changing ministry that enables them to witness to Christ in and through the life of Uniting Church.


Rob Floyd


Colleen Geyer