Multicultural and Cross-Cultural Ministry National Reference Committee

36     Recognition of UCA languages

That the Assembly resolve:

To request the Standing Committee:

  • To develop a process to recognise languages other than English (including languages of First Peoples) in order to:
  • As a first priority, normalise their use in requirements related to the Placement of Ministers and the Admission of Ministers from other denominations and overseas;
  • As a second priority, normalise their use in requirements related to recognition of Pastors; and
  • Normalise their use in all phases of Ministry Formation.
  • To ensure that details of the process are communicated to all Theological Colleges, National Conferences, Placement Committees and Presbyteries.
  • To bring proposals to the 16th Assembly for any changes to Regulations which may be required as a result of these resolutions.


Kisoo Jang


Jason Kioa


The MCCM NRC notes an increasing number of ministers within the UCA who are from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds (including those of First Peoples). There are also growing numbers of congregations, faith communities and communities engaging with the UCA with similarly diverse backgrounds. It is important to provide clarity on pathways into ministry roles within the UCA that do not present barriers on the grounds of English language proficiency.