32  Appreciation: Rob Floyd

That the Assembly resolve:

To express its deep thanks for the long service and very significant contributions that Rob Floyd has made to UnitingWorld. Rob started his links with UnitingWorld along with his wife Jacqui in service in Kupang, West Timor in the late 1990s. Subsequently he worked in various roles, including Program Manager, Associate National Director and finally National Director. This experience gave him a deep understanding of, and sympathy for, the work of the agency.

Rob had a major role in establishing UnitingWorld as an agency with a genuine commitment to partnership, sound governance and fiscal responsibility. He was involved in the initial, and in subsequent, accreditation with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. This has been a significant achievement because the process is extremely rigorous. During his time as National Director Rob demonstrated a great capacity to adapt the agency to changing external circumstances. He sought external advice when that seemed appropriate. Some major and at times challenging changes were accomplished with clarity of direction, engagement of staff and the two National Committees and with trademark good humour and integrity. Throughout his long and distinguished service with UnitingWorld Rob has displayed a very high level of professionalism, sense of purpose and deep commitment to the way of Jesus Christ. Rob’s own faith has helped to anchor the agency in the ethos of the Uniting Church.

Rob gave much to UnitingWorld and the agency is stronger for his valuable contribution. We are deeply grateful for that contribution and wish Rob every success in his new role as Associate General Secretary of the Assembly.

Proposer: Colleen Geyer
Seconder: Richard La'Brooy