UnitingCare Australia

17     Appreciation: Lin Hatfield Dodds

That the Assembly resolve: To place on record its appreciation resolves to acknowledge and thank Lin Hatfield Dodds for her faithful contribution to the Uniting Church, particularly, through her role as UnitingCare Australia National Director, a position which she held from December 2001 to July 2016. Lin’s depth of Christian faith, largely expressed through her commitment to the Uniting Church and her local congregation, was the basis of her work with UnitingCare Australia and Uniting Church agencies. Lin believed Uniting Church services were a fundamental expression of the love of God and, as such, she strove to maintain the integration and identification between the church and its services. As National Director UnitingCare Australia Lin was the principal agent representing Uniting Church services on the national level to the community and Federal Government. She was well respected by church agencies and bureaucrats and governments of all political persuasions as being an honest broker and a wise advisor especially since her advocacy was always values-based and tested by the experience of our services. In her role Lin had many achievements including being a recognised expert on social policy and community services, and her service on a wide range of boards and government advisory bodies, including Chair of the Australian Social Inclusion Board and President of the Australian Council of Social Service.  Lin was awarded a Chief Minister’s International Women’s Day Award in 2002, received a Churchill Fellowship to study anti-poverty strategies in 2003, and was named ACT Australian of the Year in 2008. The success of her work was based on her embedded values, energy, enthusiasm and collegiate approach. She has well-developed skills in policy development and advocacy. The Assembly also acknowledges the contribution of her husband, Steve and their sons, all of whom have been an integral part of her ministry and continue to make a faithful contribution to her work and that of the Uniting Church. We wish Lin well in her ongoing expression of God’s love within the context of her role in the Public Service. Proposer: Bronwyn Pike Seconder: Colleen Geyer