15th Assembly Logo
& Style Guide

The 15th Assembly will come together to prayerfully discern the future direction of the Church, guided by the triennium theme “Abundant Grace, Liberating Hope”.

At the centre of this logo is a symbol of Christ, the Risen Crucified One. Christ is the source of abundant grace, who calls us together, constitutes, rules and renews our Church.

The movement generated by Christ in the world is not limited or enclosed, but It is an open outpouring of grace that liberates hope in many people and places.  

The swirls represent the dynamic movement of the Holy Spirit in our world bringing renewal and reconciliation.

The blue speaks of the waters of baptism and the God whose grace offers us living waters that sustain and grow us.

The purple and magenta are colours we associate with seasons of Lent and Advent. These are times in the Christian year, when we reflect on Christ’s call to radical discipleship, and hear again words of hope and anticipation of God’s actions in our world.

The circular movement also reminds us that we are a Christian community shaped by mutuality, shared gifts – all contributing to the life and witness of the Church – a discipleship of equals.

Do you need a copy of the Uniting Church in Australia's 15th Assembly logo?

We've put everything together in one .zip file including all vectorable file types and the Style Guide. 

Download: 15th Assembly Branding - Abundant Grace Liberating Hope

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