Business Committee

07 Association of persons with the Assembly

That the Assembly resolve:

To associate the following persons with the Assembly for the business as listed, with the right to speak but not to participate in decisions:

(a)     Ecumenical guests, from other Australian churches and the National Council of Churches in Australia for the whole Assembly:

Mr Peter Schirmer, Lutheran Church of Australia
Fr George El-Khoury, Antiochian Orthodox Christian Arch of Australia

 (b)    from overseas churches and from international ecumenical bodies for the whole of the Assembly:

Rev Ming Liang, China Christian Council
Bishop Pradeep Kumar Samantaroy, Church of North India
Rev Mata Makara, Cook Islands Christian Church 
Rev Petesa Sionetuato, Congregation Christian Church of Niue 
Rev Lorenso Dos Santos, Protestant Church in Timor Leste
Rev James Bhagwan, Methodist Church in Fiji
Bishop Solomon Zwana, Methodist Church in Zimbabwe
Rev Ki Hak Choi, Presbyterian Church of Korea
Mrs Cindy Vanuaroro, Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu
Rev Hrayr Cholakian, Union of the Armenian Evangelical Churches in the Near East
Rev David Garunu, United Church in Solomon Islands
Rev Nyoman Agustinus, Protestant Christian Church in Indonesia
Rev Elifas Tomix Maspaitella, Protestant Church in Maluku
Rev Utux Lbak, Presbyterian Church in Taiwan
Rev Elder Tautiaga Senara, Congregational Christian Church of Samoa
Mr Makoto Kato, The United Church of Christ in Japan
Rev Richard Dawson, Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand
Rev Prince Devanandan, Methodist Church of New Zealand
Rev Dr Hein Arina, Evangelical Christian Church in Minahasa

 (c)    persons who will assist in resourcing the Assembly for the whole of the Assembly:

Ms Claerwen Little for UnitingCare Australia
Mrs Sureka Goringe for UnitingWorld
Ms Jannine Jackson for Frontier Services
Mr Leo Iosifidis, for Strategic Finance and Administration
Rev Lindsay Cullen for Assembly Resourcing Unit
Rev Dr Apwee Ting for Assembly Resourcing Unit
Rev Charissa Suli for Assembly Resourcing Unit
Rev John Cox for National Task Group Task Group on Engagement with and Response to the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse

 (d)    persons who will assist in resourcing the Assembly for specific business of the Assembly:

Ms Margaret Pedler for UC Adult Fellowship
Rev Dr Murray Earl for Defence Force Chaplaincy
Mr Bruce Binnie for Mercer Superannuation Trust
Rev Robert Elkhuizen for Mercer Superannuation Trust
Mr Jim Mein for Frontier Services


Colleen Geyer


Geoffrey Grinton