Business Committee

06 Ballots and Nominating Procedures

That the Assembly resolve:

(a)     To appoint Robert Johnson as Returning Officer and Rod Mummery as Assistant Returning Officer;

(b)     To appoint a Ballot Committee with responsibility for advising the Assembly on any questions relating to nominations and elections;

(c)     To appoint the following persons as members of the Ballot Committee: Robert Johnson (Convenor), Rod Mummery (Assistant Returning Officer), Rohan Pryor and Zac Hatfield Dodds;

(d)     To appoint the following persons as scrutineers: Alan Chuck, Jenny Preston, Daniel Jackson; and Elaine Rae

(e)     To determine that the closing time for nominations is 9.00am Tuesday 10 July 2018.


Colleen Geyer


Geoffrey Grinton